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About Stefanie Marco, KiNDSPiN DESiGN~

i'm a a self taught wood worker that loves to paint! through my life i've has always loved creating my own artwork and have gone through fazes of working with different media. i created my business KiNDSPiN DESiGN in 1999 and i'm passionate about every one of a kind piece of artwork i create. my ideas often starts as a sketch, sometimes directly onto the wood or sometimes i just starts cutting out what's on her mind. next the cut wood gets sanded and primed. then let the painting begin! i usually work with acrylics. some pieces involve glass, metal, wire, collage, rocks, photographs & reclaimed objects..... often i'll use resin for a thick shine, people often guess that it is made with glass, clay or plastic, before ever guessing wood. following the coating some trim work is usually done. last, the pieces are finished by being named. my artwork has found homes all over the united states, germany, czech republic, japan & england. i'm currently involved with galleries and art shows throughout new england, and i'm always looking for the next fun gallery to display my work. (do you have a gallery? let me know & i'd love to hear more!)

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